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Roseville Wrestling Club

Work... wrestle... win
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Coaches' Philosophy and Mission Statement
Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world and arguably, the most physically and mentally challenging.  It incorporates all major muscle groups through isometric and aerobic conditioning.  The sport requires a unique combination of:  Balance like a gymnast, Strength like a weight lifter, Endurance like a long distance runner, and Mental Acumen like a chess player. All combine to frequently enable a smarter wrestler to prevail over a physically stronger opponent. 
Hours of drilling and repetition culminate in the most intense 6 minutes of an athletes life- The Match. 
Although the benefits of competing one-on-one are unique, the team aspect of wrestling is important and equally rewarding.  Wrestlers only become better and more skilled by wrestling better, stronger, and more skilled opponents.  Not surprisingly, it usually takes 2-3 years of participation for a young man to feel comfortable on the mat.
As volunteer coaches we have a passion for the sport of wrestling and the positive values it instills in our youth.  Self-reliance, mental toughness, responsibility, self-disipline, commitment, and confidence are but a few.  
We are committed to teaching the basics of collegiate-style wrestling.  However, we also cover technical aspects of freestyle, Greco-Roman, and Submission wrestling and grappling.  We sincerely believe that every young athlete will benefit from the experience as an individual and as a member of the Roseville Wrestling Club. 
In addition to teaching the sport, we fervently advocate proper and scientifically proven dietary habits and weight loss techniques that will last a lifetime.  (See FAQ 2008 AMA)
Ultimately, we hope to develop in them a passion for the sport of wrestling that can lead to opportunities for them in high school and college. More importantly however, our positive mentorship is designed to assist our youth in developing their God given abilities that will allow them to become mature, productive leaders in our community and in our society as a whole.